The face behind the name

Hello, I'm Sophie and this is my Devizes Flower Emporium. Gardening is my passion, flowers are my obsession and being creative is just who I am. We started this journey seven years ago and I've loved every second! It's very much a family affair because whilst we can create wild and wonderful schemes with procured blooms we also grow as much as possible seasonally and this is a family effort. There isn't a lot my kids don't know about flowers and I'm so proud of that. Dahlia and 'wild look' blooms are our speciality. It's myself as front of house and the creative, my husband Joe who is also my business partner and our free-range crew (Effie, Max and a scruff named Rufus). It all started with some seeds but quickly developed into a thriving wedding service and shop. I work with the most lovely people and every day is different. Every day is bespoke. For all this we are eternally grateful.